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Selling, Anyone can do it, Right?

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ToddBRauSelling is my attempt at writing a blog, sharing my experiences while out in the field selling to my customers on a weekly basis.   I’m a sales representative that has traveled the Upper Midwest.  My current position as a Regional Sales Manager has me covering sales in the western United States and western Canada.  I have sold a variety of products and services over the life of my career. I’ve had the opportunity to meet lots of different people in all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life.  My travels have put me some pretty average or mundane situations on a daily basis, but I have also been in some interesting predicaments and entertaining positions. I’ve listened to numerous books while spending time at the windshield, not all being sales related,

and have met several people with a strong and successful sales background that have influenced my approach to being the best professional I can to my customers and the product I represent. I love selling.  I love building relationships, and as I’ve grown a bit older and acquired more experience, I’ve learned that selling can be rewarding in so many ways.  For the most part a salesman or sales person, controls there income unlike most in other professions.  We are the core, in most situations, to the success of the company and the product/service we sell.  Our relationships with our customers are invaluable.  And every single day we can continue to learn and grow. With all that said, I’d like to share what I come across while in the field and share the experience. It may be a new idea, process, or maybe a surprise I run into.  It may be sharing the evolution of a relationship that has grown or the journey from making that first ‘cold call’ to earning the trust to gain that first sale.  Just about anything. I hope to    be unbiased, yet interesting. Please take the time to visit my site and my latest blog and spread the word !   I’d appreciate your help. Thanks and Good Selling!   
Todd B Rau

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