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Here we go...2023!

Every year I get older, the quicker the time seems to pass. 2023...already.

'Short as life is, we make still shorter by the careless waste of time", - Victor Hugo

I have made a habit of setting new goals and resolutions every year. I got my oldest daughter into this many years ago, prior to my time with Jasper, and we would hold one another accountable on setting some goals for the coming year. I look back at it and it was one of the neat things that sticks out in our relationship. We often remind one another that it's time to sit down and put our goals/resolutions into writing. We continue to do this to this day.

Like many others, prior to my time at Jasper, I would simply write down a few of my thoughts on paper always fashioned in this manner... 'I want to lose X amount of pounds', 'I want to save X amount of money', ' I want to do this or that'. My point is, these goals weren't specific or detailed. When I was hired at Jasper, the region in which I worked in had been setting goals for years and years. The Regional manager I worked with, who taught me so much and whom I have the upmost respect for to this day, taught me about accountability. Word your goals with intent. I went from putting these goals on paper as 'I want' to 'I will'. One word change, but a huge difference. Once the goal is set?

'I will lose X amount of pounds, by such and such a date', 'I will save X amount of money by this date', and so on. Simply adding a date and a word committing me to that goal made all the difference. Now I had a tool in which to measure my progress or accomplishment.

As I write this blog, I have to be honest, have I honored all my goals or resolutions? Of course not. Of all the people out there that set new year goals or resolutions, after a week, 75% are still on course, after two weeks it falls to 71%. After a month, about 60% and into six months, less than 46% are tracking their goals. I have been in that last statical category several times.

Also, to be more effective, I was told to keep the resolutions or goals to a minimum. I know when I started, my list of goals was 8 to 10 or more. I learned that that is way to much. Keeping it to 3-4 goals, measurable goals, is more than enough. I now focus on the top 3 to 4 important things in my life that I want to achieve and write them down, then its finding the piece of each goal that I can measure and track...holding myself accountable as the weeks and months pass. In addition, I was taught to make a few copies and carry one with me, post one in my office, and keep one on my desk top. Having the quick accessibility to your goals give you that opportunity to check on progress. When I have had success, this was a major key in staying the course. A quick and simple review of my goals, every day, helped keep my focus.

So today, I have completed my goals for 2023 and I have 4 of them. I have some bullet points below each goal, all of which are measurements in which to track my goals. Each goal has me reaching a certain goal within that goal at different dates throughout 2023. And, I have a few that are personal or family related goals and a few that are work related. For me, this is very motivational, however, the challenge is doing all the things I mentioned above.

Do as I say, not as I do...a quote I try not to live by. With the fresh start of this blog, I am very focused to stick with all four of my 2023 New Year resolutions.

I wish all those out there the best in 2023. Turning the page on a New Year is the greatest time to make changes. Challenge yourself. If you need an accountability partner, reach out, I'd love to work with you.

Go Get Em and Good Selling!

"there has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast food"...Ron Swanson. P&R

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