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What a Week!

It's always interesting coming back and 'hitting the road' after the holidays. Especially this year with both major holidays being right in the middle of the weeks is covered.

The beauty of this is I was able to sleep in my own bed for two straight weeks! That was great all in itself. I took time to set my annual goals and was able to reach out and finalize some year end sales opportunities. And I did spend plenty of time cleaning up my CMR and talking to customers over the phone, which I do plenty of everyday in the field. But I was home or close to home every day and it was nice for a change. Like any other sales representative that is out on the road on average of 3 nights per week, I was ready to get out there and chase the goals I set for 2020.

This week I spent time with a customer that 'Gets It'. You know the kind I speak of...they run a good business already, have made good decisions to be in the place they currently find themselves in, and they are looking for the next challenge to take there business and there sales to a new level. And in the end, they are there for the customer, there family and putting them first. The heart is in the right place.

I see nothing but promise for this customer in Lamberton Minnesota. It was exciting to sit with our marketing team and see the excitement in not only our teams eyes and hear it in there voice as they presented our program to Ryan, but to see my customer (Ryan) fully engaged!

After so many years and conversations, proposals, and situations where I felt like I had true 'buy in' from my customer, then later finding out they were not interested or never really interested in me or the product in the first place, it means so much more when I see and experience the genuine 'buy in' first hand. Its hard to accept that someone just told me everything I wanted to hear just to get me 'out of there hair'. Maybe its simply the experience alone? How ever a person wishes to view it, I actually think seeing and feeling it have a lot to do with a reps experience and is some cases that experience comes with age? I accept that either way.

So I leave this first full week after the holidays happy and satisfied with the weeks accomplishments. I'm on the road in South Dakota and am motivated to make the most of the three night I'll spend out that way. Maybe another good story awaits to share?

I'm by no means being paid by Audible, but if you do travel a lot and spend many hours behind the wheel, please consider this app. Im listening to a good book by Mike Rowe and it is very interesting and entertaining. Also a great book that I have read and listened to several times, The Accidental Salesperson by Chris Lytle is one of the few sales books that really hit home with my personal experiences.

Thanks for reading and to all fellow sales reps out there...Good Selling!

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